Wild Life

Cover by Addendum Designs


Brann and I grew up together on Wilder Island, a tiny town in coastal Virginia. We were friends for so long that I don’t even remember meeting him. He was just always there by my side, as steady and predictable as the ocean waves. The two of us were inseparable all the way through high school, but when I decided to go to a distant college, things changed. We drifted apart, and I haven’t spoken to him in three years.

But now it’s senior year, and the two of us will be back together on the same campus. We’re even going to be roommates. Things are weird and awkward between us, but I’m determined to rebuild our friendship. Somehow or other, we’ll put the past three years of silence behind us. Somehow, we’ll work it out and go back to being friends.

The only problem is, I’m starting to discover that just being friends with Brann isn’t quite enough…

Part 1 of the Wild and Wilder series. 64,000 words. This book has an emotionally satisfying HFN (happily for now) ending.

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