Dragon at Sunset

Cover by The Write Designer


On the run from an abusive ex, Niles McCormick flees into Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains, where an unexpected snowstorm sends him sliding off the road and into a ravine. Unconscious, he’s rescued from the ruins of his car and carried to a small, primitive cabin, where he’s provided with food and shelter. But his mysterious savior keeps his face hidden, and refuses to interact with Niles, remaining outdoors during the daylight hours and only entering the cabin when darkness falls.

As Niles begins to recover, he’s overcome with curiosity about this man who’s turned his back on civilization. Slowly he begins to realize the other man is suffering from a mysterious malady, a series of strange physical changes that have compelled him to seek refuge away from civilization, and forced him into this lonely, isolated life. Is Niles’ rescuer truly a beast, or just a lost and frightened man who can only be healed by love?

Outcast Sons, Book 2. Paranormal shifter romance, 57,500 words.

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