Cover by Addendum Designs

Three years ago, Syd dumped me on Christmas Eve. By text. He did one hell of a number on my heart, but that was a long time ago, and I’m totally over it now. Honest. But when he shows up unexpectedly for Christmas Eve dinner, all of a sudden I find myself wanting to know if we’d still be good together. And almost before I know it, we’re in each other’s arms.

I’m completely over him, of course, so this is just a physical thing. A couple of hours of Christmas fun. Maybe a whole night. But definitely nothing more. After what Syd did to me, I won’t let it be forever. I won’t let my stupid heart get broken a second time.

This time, all I want is for the two of us to get unwrapped… together.

Christmas contemporary romance, 29,000 words. Cover by Addendum Designs.

A Christmas contemporary romance. 29,000 words.


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