Wolf Alone

Cover by The Write Designer


Don’t get drunk and lose control. That was all I had to remember not to do. The last time I got drunk, for my twenty-first birthday, I wound up running naked through the woods, howling. At least that’s how I remember it. To be honest, it’s mostly an embarrassing blur– but it’s definitely an experience I didn’t plan on repeating.

But this time, when I have a few beers with a couple of buddies one Friday night, it’s even worse. My adoptive parents wind up dead, and I’m terrified that I might be the one that killed them. Because it turns out that when I get drunk, I don’t just strip naked and run around howling. I actually turn into a wolf. A real, live, murderous wolf. 

And now I’m on the run in my wolf form, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to, and the local wolf pack is doing its level best to hunt me down. When I encounter a writer named Graham Anderson who’s trying to finish his first novel in a remote forest home, my only chance to stay hidden and safe is to convince him I’m a big, fluffy, harmless dog.

Graham is sweet, and incredibly clueless, and before long I find myself falling in love with him. But danger is everywhere, and I don’t dare let him know I’m more than just an ordinary dog…

Outcast Sons, Book 3. Paranormal wolf shifter romance, 90,000 words.


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