Cover art by Natasha Snow Designs

Caeden was born to be the Alpha, but due to his inability to shift, he isn’t allowed to take his rightful place as leader of the Pack. Frustrated, angry, and aware that his people are laughing at him behind his back, he flees to the human city. It’s up to his best friend, shy and retiring omega Jon McArthur, to figure out why he can’t shift and bring him home again.

But when they’re on their own, away from the stifling rules of the Pack, Caeden discovers he wants more than just friendship out of Jon. If they break all the taboos of their people and fall in love, they may be cast out of the Pack permanently. Will Caeden turn his back on his people and his destiny, just for one lowly omega?

Outcast Sons, Book One. Paranormal wolf shifter romance. 55,000 words. The first third of this book was previously published in 2015 as “Outcast,” but it has been heavily edited and expanded for this edition. The remainder is the resolution to the story and has never before been published.


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