Wild Lies

Cover art by Addendum Designs


Brannigan Wilder and I grew up together in a tiny coastal town. We lost track of each other around the end of high school, but in the senior year of college we reconnected, and moved in together. At first we were just friends, but now…

Well, let’s just say things have gotten wild between us. But even though we can’t seem to keep our hands off each other, we still haven’t had our official first date. I want to give Brann a perfect night of romance, so he knows for sure how much he means to me.

But there’s some stuff in our past I haven’t been totally honest about, and when my homophobic parents show up on the night of our date, everything comes out in the open. 

I’m not sure Brann can forgive me for lying to him all those years ago. I’m not even sure I can forgive myself…

Wild and Wilder 3. A college romance. 60,000 words. Coming on August 20, 2020… preorder now!

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